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Here's how to promote the HUSA2020 movement to the Chiropractors in your state.

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Share These Promotional Messages with Chiropractors in Your State to Get the Chiropractic Message Amplifeied.

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Build your Audience with our Promotional Tools.

Use these images in your emails, newsletters and on your website, plus other helpful resources to use in your office.

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  • Thank you for participating in this first ever national social media movement for chiropractors.

    Thanks to you, we are 50 states strong. The resources here are for you and your team to use to consistently promote the campaign to chiropractors in your state. Use these images everywhere you feel it’s appropriate, including email blasts, newsletter, websites, handouts, promotional materials, your associations social networks and more. If there’s an image or size you need that’s not in our resource center then please email us and we’ll create it for you.

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